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Spiritual Protection

Negativity comes in many guises and it is important to protect yourself spiritially against this as it is the negative things in life that keep us down and feeling low, it is the positive that lifts us up and makes us feel on top of the world. When we have that top of the world feeling in our heart and soul we attract more of the good things in life to us and it becomes easier to believe in the good in the world and the people in it. When we are in a negative holding pattern we attract more negative energy to ourselves and things continue to go wrong in our lives and with the people we intereact with. It can be hard to break away from this negative outlook because everywhere you look things are going wrong or at least appear to be and the 

world can seem to be against you. But once you make the concious decision to make things better and to find the positive, things will start to turn around for you, enforcing the positive vibe and making good things happen.

 When we consider the spiritual planes, there are things we have to take into consideration and some of these things can save us a lot of heart ache with a little bit of foreknowledge and forethought. As with all things there has to be a balance, and not all spiritual beings are love and light, there are darker, more negative things too that can come through to us when we open up, unprotected. We all have a guide who is our ‘gatekeeper’ and they help us in many things but also act as a body guard against who gets in and who stays out. Not everybody has seen or felt their bodyguard or any of their guides come to that, but that does not mean that they will not help us if we ask them to. Whenever you are undertaking spiritual work it is a good thing to know that you are working from a place of love with good intention for everybody involved being the core of the connection that you are making. When I am ready to do readings I have a little chat to my gatekeeper and ask him to bring forward family members that wish to communicate with their loved ones and I also ask him to protect me from any form of malice that may be directed toward me and the person I am reading for. I also do a daily white light protection around myself and my family, which is explained below. Never open up spiritually when you are under the influence of alchol or when you are in a bad mood, or even just feeling ill, these are the times that your defenses are down and that you are more vulnerable to these kinds of darker spirits. Many a teenage seance has ended badly because the teens did not realise that they were contacting real spirits and thought it would be fun to have a few drinks and then do a sceance. This would also apply to things such as the ouija board. This tool is a very dangerous form of communication if you do not know what you are doing. I would strongly recommend that you do not attempt to make contact to the spirit would using this method. It is known for the ease with which dark entities and spirits are able to attach themselves to you when you use it unprotected and in ignorance. 

White Light Protection

One of the best ways of protecting yourself spiritually from negative influence is to use the “white light” protection. It is very easy to do and you do not need any special tools to get it done. It is very effective at removimg and preventing negative energy from harming you. In essence you are placing a sphere of brilliant pure white energy around you from top to toe. This is best practied every day and can be done for yourself and your loved ones. It can be used for your home, car, anything that you wish to protect. It does not matter which religion you practice in order to use the white light protection as it comes from the divine, from the universe, from the source and it does not matter in which form you believe this to be. You literally just imagine a sphere of brilliant white light around you or the object you wish to protect, you can start small and watch it grow if this is easier or you can go straight for the whole thing convering you (or the object) remember to go over the top and under the bottom, so the light generally sits just under ground level. Know in your heart and mind that this light is a strong barrier to everything negative and that only the good things can get through. Intent is a very powerful thing, and if you intend this barrier to be inpenetrable and really mean it, it will be more effective. You could ask your deity to help protect you with this light or not, it is a very personal thing. .

If you do this every day it develops over time to a stronger and stronger barrier against harm and negative influence. You will find things in your life are improving and you are feeling more protected and more positive about things. You can do it as many times as you wish throughout the day and you could end each day by placing a white light protection around your whole house and sleeping familiy. Also remember your guides and your gatekeeper only have to be asked to stop anything dark or negative near you and they will do so, as you go about your day.