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The Making of the Stellar Moon Mists ~ What a Coincidence!

‘Serendipity: An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. ‘

I want to take you on a journey of serendipity to re-live a series of seemingly coincidental events that have led to the making of a range of Elemental Mists © Healing Essences.

A young girl woke up one morning and told her mother about a dream she had had. In her dream there was a beautiful flower that was growing on a cactus. The flower was big and white and round, and bloomed for one night only, before it faded and died in the rising dawn. The little girl’s mother had a friend who knew all about flowers and suggested to her daughter that she would ask her friend if she had any knowledge of such a cactus.

On a meeting with the friend, the mother asked about the cactus. The friend said that she had heard of such a plant but did not know much about them and had never seen one of the plants. Now, interestingly, this friend is the founder and owner of the Elemental Mists© Healing Essences. During their meeting, they decided that should they ever come across a cactus such as this, they would make a healing mist out of the essence of the flower. The journey has begun….!

A couple of months later is where I came onto the scene. The two ladies and I are all friends and all Healers. We were attending an event for healing together. At the end of the event when we were all packing away our tools of the trade, we were in conversation and the topic of the little girls dream about the cactus came up. I said, well that’s funny because I have one of those cacti growing in my garden. It was decided that when it flowered again, I would notify the Essence friend (Karmina) and she would come over and work her magic to obtain the essence of the flowering cactus in order to make a healing mist.

Months went by and eventually I noticed buds forming on the long spiky stems of the cactus. I phoned Karmina and told her to be ready in a few days to come over as it was starting to flower. Obviously, as the flowers only last for one night and then die we did not have a big window of opportunity to gather the essence. The day came and a few of the flowers opened as the sun set. I had organized for Karmina to be there and do what she had to do. We marveled together at how beautiful the flowers were in the moonlight, and then realised that it was a full moon. Glorious! What a beautiful show of flowers lighting up in the glow of the full moon. I had done some research on ‘Google’ and now knew that the plant was known as ‘The Queen of the Night’ and is a plant in the Cereus family. There are many different types of cactus in the Cereus family, and I am yet to identify exactly which one it is, but they are all very similar.

Once the essence was collected and Karmina had taken it home to make into a mist, she asked me to meditate on any information I was given by the plant as well as her doing her own meditation. This was to give us direction as to how the new healing mist could be best used.

We realised that this essence was going to hold the full moon essence as well as that of the plant so felt that we had to incorporate ‘moon’ in the name of the essence. My meditation story is at the end of this piece for you to read, and was basically about learning to shine our own light and talk our truth, accepting who we are and growing from the lessons that we are given in order that others can learn the wisdom of our experiences.

Karmina’s meditation told a different story but was along basically the same lines, although referring more specifically to her, so for the essence, we are going with the information from my meditation, except for certain parts which tell the story of how the sun and the moon have been separated for such a long time and how they long to be reunited. This is where the name ‘Stellar ‘originates from. We are left with an essence that we are calling ‘Stellar Moon’.

For whatever reason, nothing much happens for a while, it is as if we are both waiting for something, Karmina gave me a bottle of the mist that she had made up, being guided by the information from the plant as to which oils etc to mix with the essence in the bottle. I use the essence regularly for myself and love the feeling that I get when I do use it. It is amazing how using the essence of the plant mixed with some essential oils can make you feel different, first you have the fragrance that immediately triggers the mind to lift your mood and then as the essence rests into your aura you have a longer lasting effect, this along with the mantra, works very well to achieve the purpose of the mist.

When we decided it was time to produce this mist for sale and to get working on labeling etc, we did further meditation work with the mist and could not settle on one single use for it. We had been working separately and relaying information back and forward, and this obviously was not achieving the outcome we required. So Karmina decided to pop in and see me and WHAM! It became obvious to us both that there was in fact more than one mist that was to be made from this cactus essence. The mist we started out with had too many uses and was just too ‘big’ to be contained to just one mist! Our cactus was turning out to be a very wise plant indeed and strangely enough this cactus has been with me for many years and many different homes, at one stage I lost it but was able to take a cutting from the original plant, which is the one currently growing in my garden.

We worked together and decided that this cacti was able to offer healing in all areas of the female life cycle, we came up with the idea for making three mists, Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Mist we were using would be tweaked slightly to incorporate Mother ~ we already knew it was a mist that would enable the user to be happy with the person that they are, and to not want to live up to anybody else’s expectations, we also knew it was nurturing and loving, like a mother. Suddenly the labeling ideas began to flow, and we had all the pictures that we needed already and the affirmation / mantra spilled out of our minds and mouths with ease. We knew we were on the right track. The Mother Mist was born!

‘My Inner Light Shines Brilliantly. I Fully Embrace All That I Am’

Strangely enough, we realised that there was a new moon due, and what a perfect time to gather the essence for the Maiden mist. It is springtime too so we were able to use flowers of spring: freesia and jasmine, and we collected the essence at sunrise, I do not think it a coincidence that this all fell into place at the right time, because our cactus has been working this way since the very beginning. It was a freezing cold morning when we collected the essence for Maiden, and the sun and the moon rose at approximately the same time that morning. As we were collecting the essence there was a crow singing its blessing to us and greeting the morning. I remembered then that on the morning of collecting the original essence, there was a crow feather lying on the grass that Karmina had picked up and thanked the crow for its blessing. I have since heard a story that crows do not lose feathers like other birds and that if you find one it is a blessing from the bird because it chose to give it to you.

The Maiden Mist has now been launched and it smells divine, with flower essences from our original Cactus, Spring Jasmine and beautiful fragrant Freesia, and essential oils of juniper, Melissa and Ginger to name a few, to uplift and ground you whilst balancing and lifting emotions. This mist allows us to balance our Masculine and Feminine and enables us to explore our sensual nature whilst feeling safe. Just like the Maiden this mist signifies purity and exploration, finding out who we are and what we wish to become with enthusiasm and wonder at what the world has to offer us. Nothing is out of our reach and we take on new journeys with joy and excitement.

‘I Ignite The Spark Of Unexplored Potential Within Me’

Soon we will start working with the Mentor Mist. A full year has passed and the Cactus is budding up to flower again, we will collect new essence and see what she has to tell us this time around. We have a few plans up our sleeves for further mists from this extraordinary plant, which will be revealed as the time is right.

This story is not over, the cactus is not finished telling all that she knows, so watch this space,there will be more in the future and I look forward to the ride.