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What's with the Crystals?

Natural healing can be enhanced with the use of crystals because each crystal has its own individual energy field which can interact with your energy centres (chakras) to bring them back into balance, this will help the body’s own healing abilities, will reduce stress, calm the mind, and be a pleasure to hold or wear, all of which will improve overall quality of life.

I believe that each crystal has its own individual vibration, so for example rose quartz is a good crystal to promote self-love, but you will not be drawn to, or feel the energy of each rose quartz that you find. I think when you find the right crystal for you, then you will often feel drawn to it on sight and when you go closer to investigate further, you can feel the energy when you pick it up. It can be a warm tingly feeling or a jolt of recognition or you may just ‘know’ that this is the crystal for you. It often will have nothing to do with what the crystal looks like, it may not be the prettiest in the pile, and you should not let anybody influence you over which one feels right to you.

Crystals can be used to aid meditation, they can be worn or placed in a pocket or held in your hand when you have something that you need a little bit of extra strength to deal with. They can be worn to help you stay focused and energised when you go to work. They can be used along with other healing therapies, such as Reiki.

When you first get a new crystal, it should be cleansed because the crystal will have absorbed the energy from each person that has handled it, and you will want to rid it of that energy. Cleansing should be carried out regularly, even if you are the only person handling it. This can be done by placing outside when there is a full moon, you could bury it in the earth for 12 hours (or overnight) you can place it in a bowl of rock salt, you could smudge with sage, or if you have been attuned to Reiki you can cleanse it, by filling it up with Reiki energy.

When you want to work with a crystal you need to charge it, and you can do this with sunlight or you can sit and meditate whilst holding your crystal and allowing it to now only aid in meditation but absorb all of the ‘good stuff’ you are sending whilst in meditation. Whist in meditation with your crystal you can tell it what task you want it to do for you, for instance you want it to help you face your fears, or you want it to keep negative energy at bay, or you want it to help you to be able to speak up, that sort of thing. You can imagine you are talking directly to the crystal as if it were another person receiving instruction. Once cleansed and charged keep your crystal on you whilst you need it to carry out its work and when you put it down you can wrap it in silk or put it in a pretty wooden box.

The more you use your crystal the more you will have to cleanse it, if you pick up your crystal and it does not ‘feel’ right, then that is a good indication that it needs cleansing. It is a good idea to make a habit of putting your crystals out at every full moon so that they are regularly cleansed.

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